Frequently asked questions

We try to answer most questions here. Not finding an answer you are looking for? Email us at

Q. Do you give out my phone number or email address to anyone?

Never. All communication between members is done solely on the DayPlay website or app. We do this to protect everyone’s privacy. Also, we will NEVER sell your data to anyone.

Q. I see DayPlay is free. Will it always be that way?

We don’t have an exact timeline for when we will offer paid memberships. Our goal is at this time to build our community and make DayPlay work for everyone. Rest assured, when we do begin our membership program, it will be a nominal fee.

Q. Someone on the site keeps texting me, and I don’t want to be bothered. What can I do?

Two things. First you can block any user by opening the chat, clicking on the three dots to the right of their name(on website, make sure they are not on your favorites list), and select block. This will stop future texts from coming in. Second, please contact us with your concerns. We will address the issue with the other user. Safety, and a great experience while using DayPlay, is our number one priority.

Q. Why do I need to update my calendar after I book a job?

DayPlay is different than just a simple “Availability List”. We all know trying to find someone off those other lists is frustrating. Calling people only to have them tell you they aren’t available. We want only those truly available to appear in a search, simplifying the search effort. Let’s all be responsible and update our calendars to reflect our accurate availability. That way, it works for everyone.